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🍒 TMK | Reference | Cheats/Codes | Game Genie Codes | Super Mario World


That’s right folks, here we have a collection of Super Mario World Game Genie Codes that you can use to manipulate the classic game. From starting with Extra lives to having unlimited jumping ability (even when you are halfway down a pit) the game genie can add some really fun features to this awesome game.
Super Mario World – Game Genie Codes The following are known Game Genie Codes for Super Mario World on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). DDB4-6F07Start with 1 life instead of 5 D6B4-6F07Start with 9 lives D3B4-6F07Start with 15 lives F6B4-6F07Start with 25 lives 7FB4-6F07Start with 50 lives 14B4-6F07Start with 99 lives C222-D4DDInfinite lives D964-A7D7 + […]
This is a procedure to install the SMW jailbreak onto your cartridge with a Game Genie.. This is a procedure to install the SMW jailbreak onto your cartridge with a Game Genie. Instructions.

(Superstar Mario World Hack) Hit anywhere & Mid air Jumps - Game Genie Codes - Part 3

The Game Genie for the Super Nintendo is a gaming peripheral developed by Galoob in 1992 that enabled gamers to apply cheat codes to their favorite SNES games. It gave players the opportunity to have infinite lives, unlimited ammunition, invincibility and many more attributes to help win any SNES game.
Super Mario World was released as part of Nintendo's "Player's Choice" series. This is the most common boxed copy of the game for the SNES, with the box for the original game being fairly rare due to it being a pack-in. Super Mario World saw a port to the Game Boy Advance as "Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2".
Super Mario World is the first Mario game on the Super NES, rushed and hacked together in time for release.. Despite that, it's considered a high point of the franchise, partly due to the ridiculous amount of non-linearity and secrets within the levels.
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Super Mario World Game Genie Codes Smw game genie


Game Genie is the name of a line of video game cheat cartridges originally designed by Codemasters and sold by Camerica and Galoob.The first device in the series was released in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, with subsequent devices released for the Super NES, Game Boy, Genesis, and Game Gear.
SAVE GAME MODIFICATION CODES (9 THRU 57) ONLY WORK FOR SAVED GAME "A." A SAVED GAME MUST ALREADY EXIST-DO NOT TRY ON A NEW GAME 9. FA68-4760 + DD6A-C7DF MASTER CODE-MUST BE USED WITH CODES 10 THRU 57 10. E7D7-FAAD + DFD7-FA6D Start with about 500 energy tanks 11. 88D7-FAAD + D4D7-FA6D Start with about 700 energy tanks 12.
Super Mario World Pro Action Replay codes, for the SNES. FREE E-mail. and the game is over when you die once 009E25E6 Mario has a halo on.

starburst-pokieSuper Mario World (SNES) - Game Genie Codes | Ethereal Games Smw game genie

Installing SMW Jailbreak w/Game Genie - YouTube Smw game genie

Super Mario World is a 2D Mario platform game and a launch title released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990, developed by Nintendo EAD. Being a sequel to Super Mario Bros. 3, the game retains much of the elements that debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3 such as the world map and Koopaling boss fights while introducing a large variety of new gameplay mechanics, such as an expanded.
We have enjoyed serving your gaming needs over these past 22 years and thank each and every one of you for being a part of our journey. Sadly, the changing nature of gaming has seen a change in focus away from cheat codes and text-based game guides, and as such has become less relevant over time.
Entering YUSUPLAZ (complete version) or YUXLALAZ (incomplete version) into a Game Genie will fix the jumping physics of the game, so that Mario does not lose speed after a jump. Entering GZUNZLZP + GXENZLZP into a Game Genie will fix the running physics of the game, so that Mario does not lose speed when running down slopes.

Smw game geniecasinobonus

smw game genie You are free to use this file on your web page, but tell me about it via email as a courtesy.
Version History: Version 1.
Finished retyping version 1.
Email me at blake ugcs.
Credit is given where known, but this is hearsay and as such it is not terribly accurate.
However, thanks to dml localnet.
Some Mario 1 codes come from the SMB Game Genie Page on NES WORLD.
A few of the Mario 2 and 3 codes come from: NESJournal 3, NESJournal 5, and Jesse Smith's game page.
Disclaimer: These codes were all tested on my CARTRIDGE of the Mario games.
They will not necessarily work in an emulator.
The music codes will probably not work at all on an emulator, since NESTICLE does not do a very good job of emulating NES sound.
Super Mario Brothers, Mario, Goombas, Koopas, Bowzer, etc.
I can't describe it!
EOXOPE-Super Mario Brothers 2020-the scenery looks tropical check out them pipes and the Castles look like log cabins--freezes if you hit a brick--the levels underground look normal OEKULT-Get a fire flower and you can phase between normal graphics and 2020-- has other effects-you can hit bricks OEPULT-Fireballs invisible, 2020 pops up, music changes, odd effects.
POOAZE-Like POOAIE, but play in grayscale.
A variation on Mario 2020.
ZKSAAE-Scrambled graphics with jerky scrolling.
EKGAAE-Great frozen title screen!
KKGAAE-Play in the great void with slow music.
Freezes if you hit a block.
Specific Graphics Codes affect some of the graphics POLAKE-New colors for blocks, etc TOSENA-Makes a nice background!
ISNAKZ-when you hit a block, another block smw game genie under it POKEXX-same as ISNAKZ ISEPAG-ground is a double layer of bricks EATLGZ-Mario does not become big when powered up.
Also a music code.
Also a behavioral code.
IKAXUN-Stripes are missing from background.
YYYXUN-Small smw game genie of 1-1 with a big hole in it loops infinitely.
EEEXUN-Stripes missing from background.
PPPEPP-Question blocks flash faster.
GGAEXP-Adds colored stripes to screen.
Lots of question blocks.
POGPIE-When you kill an enemy or hit a block, an afterimage of it stays with Mario for the rest of the level.
ATEOPA-Mario starts under the ground.
POOAIE-Neat-looking title screen, screen before 1-1.
EOOPIT, XOOPIT-Similar to POOPIT-Transposes sprites with one another.
POOAAE-Frozen nice title screen.
NAGOAG-Scenery different or gone.
AKIAAE-Nice frozen title screen.
PZOOPK-Background full of odd clouds.
KITENO-Changing colored stripes on ground.
KISENO-Some ground is invisible.
KKEENO-Discolored level, some invisible scenery.
ONEENO-Some discoloration and scene jumping.
SUXENO-Blue and lime green coloring.
POPOIK-Floor is raised 1 block.
EAZEAZ-Enemies leave trails, gaps in scenery.
YAZEEO-Small changes in color.
AAAETT-Nighttime 1-1 and scrambled graphics.
EOPOPE-Adds lots of question blocks to level.
ZOTAKK, YOTAEG-Changes color of enemies, items.
IUTAVG, AEIAOG, IOTAKK-Blocks and mushrooms are monochrome.
ZXTAVG, ZXTAKG, ZXIASG-Some mushrooms, fireballs, and spinys are almost invisible.
LOIAOK, LXIAEK, LEIAXK-Blocks are sea-green.
ZXIAOG, ZXIAEG, LXIAXG-Blocks are blue with purple lines.
LOIAOG, GOIAEG, ZOIAXG-Blocks are bright purple.
YOIAKG, YXIAVG, AXIASK-Clouds are red and orange.
IXYASG, IXIAOG-Blocks are pink.
ZOTAVG, POTAKG-Blocks are blue and white.
PEAEKG-Blocks which contains coins are marked with the number 1.
KIPAXI-In castle levels x-4, the bricks and lava are blue, there is text at the top of the screen, and there are other graphical effects.
ZEKAEP-Screen jerky and graphical errors.
Also a behavioral code.
TLLLAT-Fireballs disappear and reappear.
IIAAZT-Always look like Fire Mario.
Behavioral Codes affect jumping, running, blocks, etc.
PIAULT-Mario slides when you try to stop or turn around POPISO-enemies cannot be stomped POEISO-goombas change to invincible Koopas when stomped GPPXXY-blocks disappear when you hit them IOAULT-fireballs behave.
EGXVYU, EPXVYU, AGXVYU, EPIVYU-Enemy position different than appearance.
EEEVYU-Enemies, powerups fall through ground.
EPOXUN-Blocks turn invisible when hit.
Also a graphics code.
POPXUN-Random invisible blocks and vines appear.
NNNVYU-Mario passes through objects and touches invisible ones.
ZXLLUN-Mario jumps high, comes up from 最高のマルチプレイヤーゲームオンラインpc screen, hits ground, and floats down slowly.
Enemies and powerups also float down.
Freezes if you get too close to the left edge of the screen.
UUUXUN-Scroll does not keep up with Mario.
ZALLUN, ZILLUN, ZPLLUN, ZZLLUN, ZGLLUN, ZTLLUN, ZYLLUN-Mario and enemies have trouble running and stopping properly.
GENLAS-Mario has extra acceleration.
GENPTS-All question blocks contain powerups.
GENPAZ-Mario, enemies fall through ground.
POEISA-Mario is invincible and starts with 1000 points.
NAGLAG-Certain blocks repel Mario.
NAGNAP-Coins move when you get them.
NAZNAG-When you hit a block, all enemies move closer to you.
PINAAO-Move around while game is paused!
STAGEO-All enemies throw hammers!
SPEPNY-Fire is shooting at you like in a dungeon.
Die at 1-2 from time-up.
GGIOOK-Mario is a zombie.
Also a new world code.
KGIOOK-Mario is a zombie.
Also a new world code.
EGIOOK-Mario is a zombie.
Also a new world code.
GANOPE-Enemies turn into headless bowsers.
STOPYP-Come out of pipe in a cool way.
SEPTAT-Coins are in odd places.
TIKOAP-Starts level in odd location.
NZXNLO-Mario stuck in upper left-hand corner of screen.
TVAPKG-Lowers ground one block.
AETVEN-When Mario shoots fire, strange things happen.
TVTAGG-Everytime you get a powerup or stomp an enemy you get a 1up.
SKIINO-Enemies do not die.
Also a music code.
SIKAEP-Mario can jump high.
Also a graphics code.
KAAEPO-Enemies do not die.
PKAOZP-Mario is invincible and flashing.
LUGLUG-Items like mushrooms and starts move slowly.
SZLIVO-Once Mario gets a mushroom, he is invincible until time up or a pit, at which time Mario becomes small.
If he dies again, he changes to big.
AAZUAG-When Mario is turbo running, he can jump as high as desired by holding the A button.
TALLAT-Mario has autofire when he gets a fire flower.
TPLLAT-Mario glides along the ground when he has a fire flower.
TGLLAT-Mario emits bubbles when he has a fire flower and fireballs disappear.
Mario also teleports occaisonally and sometimes the game freezes.
TKLLAT-Fireballs always travel to the right.
TTLLAT-Mario cannot fire except rarely, when fireballs appear as silhouettes and copies of them move symmetrically with the originals.
Also a sound effects code.
EATOZO-Mario drops from sky at beginning of levels.
TAZUIG-Slow descent from some jumps and occasional low gravity.
GTTTTL-Go through enemies and flowers.
GIIIVY-Go through pipes and blocks to the right.
AAATIO-Only Mario can move.
KILLEN-Mario, Goombas behave oddly.
LUILUI-Mushrooms replaced with flashing odd stuff which affects you like a starman.
ISKVGY-Enemies click the following article when stomped.
GOZSXX-Mario is invincible, even from fire.
New World Codes create new levels You should use SSASSA invincibility and PIGOAP swim without water when using these codes to explore areas which would be otherwise inacessible.
GENPAS-transposes certain game elements pipes, question blocks, etc.
GENOAS, GENPZS, GENPLS, GENPGS, GENPIS, GENPOS-All of these do similar things to game elements, like GENPAS but they all differ from each other.
POOPIG, POOPIK-Puzzle piece world.
Use PIGOAP カジノサンダーベイカナダ you will fall and die.
Also a music code.
SIPPNG-Keep playing through this one.
A later level takes place on clouds, like a bonus round!
LIZONK-3-3 to 3-3 to 1-2 to freeze.
PGAOPK-Question continue reading land which you cannot finish.
IPPPPI-Pipe and steps turn into question blocks.
OGOPOK-Underwater 4-1 to underwater 1-3 to underwater loop to freeze.
PGOPSK-Underwater 4-3 with grey bowser to underwater 8-4 to freeze.
ZIGPSK-1-3 with no platforms to 5-1 no enemies to nocturnal 8-3 to 2-3 bridge to 8-3 1-5 as a castle to 5-1 no enemies to underwater 4-1 with no Lakitu to 1-8 boring level to some strange dungeon to?
AYKPSK-Large ocean to 4-4 as a normal level WWW無料ゲーム怒っている鳥のダウンロード clouds.
IAGPSK-4-1 with no Lakitu to 1-3 to underground underwater level to?
PGPOSK-2-1 to 2-3 to 2-3.
SGOOSK-3-1 to 3-1 to 1-1 to 1-3 to?
SAGOSK-Cloud land to 2020 graphics to freeze.
SGAOSK-Underwater 4-1 to underwater 4-3 with earthquakes to?
OGIOOK-Wacky colored 1-1 with grey zombie Mario.
Also a behavioral code.
EIGPSK-Some dumb level to underground night level to desolate plain level to underground 4-3 to?
VIGPSK-4-4 as a normal daytime level to cloud trap.
Underwater 4-3 to cloud loop.
VGKOKK-Nighttime in the mine.
UGKOKK-Nighttime in the tunnel in greyscale.
ZAGPSK-4-1 no Lakitu to 1-3 to fantastic sewer level.
ZIZPSK-1-1 with Lakitu to 1-2 with Toad!
KGKOKK-Pipe to pipe to underwater 4-3 to fantastic 2-5.
check this out 1-3 to normal level to blackness.
ZIGOSK-Drained 2-2 to daytime castle.
GGIOOK-Halloween land with zombie Mario.
Also a behavioral code.
Also a behavioral code.
EGIOOK-Stone land with zombie Mario.
Also a behavioral code.
PIPOIS+ZIGPSK-Strange plain with artifacts!
OAKOAK-Flat plain dead end world.
OOOOAK-World riddled with holes.
PPPOSK-Looping 1-3 and 2-3.
VPPPPI-Strange world with shooting coins.
AISOOK-Grey brick, black sky, no scenery.
EISOOK-Black background, no ground, autumn color scheme.
VISOOK, XISOOK-No ground, just pit of water.
GISOOK-Cloud world, zombie Mario.
APSOOK-Grey 1-1 with ceiling.
AZSOOK-Grey blocks, ceiling, partially trapped in blocks.
ETSOOK-Fantastic 1-1 that looks like 8-3!
KGSOOK, IASOOK-Autumn stone zombie.
TGSOOK-Autumn stone with ceiling.
TISOOK-Grey tunnel with ceiling.
YASOOK-Zombie cloud castle with ceiling.
XPSOOK-No ground, castle, with ceiling.
Starts out as a 1-1 with a black background and no ground.
Soon you depart from familiar 1-1, swim over a lake of lava, and enter a strange corridor made of alphabet blocks!
PGEOOK-Like the aforementioned level 0-1.
LOZOOK+ZIGPSK-Fantastic mine shaft use PIGOAP.
POZOOK+ZIGPSK-Plain go down 1st pipe for underground above ground level at night.
PLZOOK-Same as PXZOOK but no zombie.
OAAOOK, IAAOOK, KAAOOK-Great time-ups.
NIGPSK+PIGOAP-Like PAAOOK but normal graphics.
EATOZS-1-1 becomes just a row of blocks that goes on forever.
GPPPPI-Altered 1-1 with many powerups.
YSAOPE+YEAOZA+ AOAPYA-World H-1 POAPYA-World I-1 ZOAPYA-World J-1 LOAPYA-World K-1 GOAPYA-World L-1 IOAPYA-World M-1 TOAPYA-World N-1 YOAPYA-World O-1 AXAPYA-World X-1 LXAPYA-World -1 NEAPYA-You are stuck in the underwater part of 8-4.
PEAPYE-Swimming through a bonus round at night.
SZLIVO-World 0-1 underwater dungeon with traps KIIOZV-Levels are arranged differently.
AIPPAT-Small changes to level.
Also a music code.
AIZPAT-Many blocks are gone, level is different.
Also a music code.
AITPAT-Level contains some object substitutions.
AIZOOG-Blue void with powerups and some scenery.
KPEPNY-Flying fish in 1-1.
OPEPNY-Lakitu in ground in 1-1.
Explore this world; levels are insanely long but can be completed.
PKPOKK-1-1 with clouds for blocks.
PIGPOG-Enemies, lifts switched around.
New World Traps creates world in which you cannot move TIKOKK-Weird castle land.
PSKOIG-Happy brick land trapped.
SGSPSK-Trapped in cloud world.
SGSOOK-Stuck in stone world.
AGOOKK-Stuck in nice caste land.
ZGKOKK-Fantastic cloud trap at night.
XGKOKK-Cloud trap with timeup death.
IISOOK-Zombie, trapped in stone.
YGSOOK-Nice cloud castle trap.
Drop Codes-drop you into a pit OGIPSK-Changing world with time-up death.
ATEOAG-drop into a pit of blue OAKOSK-Drop from sky into nothing with time-up death.
PGAOSK-Great drop into nothing with time-up death.
SAGOKK-Warp to 6-7-8 warp zone and die.
SGAOOK-Drop into white and die.
Warp Codes SPPPNK-Loop of some level.
SFX ピラミッドソリティア決闘ゲーム無料オンライン NAGNAG-new sound for stomping NAGNAK-Many SFX different.
NAGNZG-Hitting block FX different.
EAGNAG-Block, stomp FX different.
NOGNAG-Go down pipe FX different.
Also a behavioral code.
AVINAL-Jump and fire FX are different.
PVINAL-Jump, fire, and powerup FX are different.
Music Codes NGGNAY-creates interesting music from all songs loops several notes and plays various bass parts over this NIGNAY-takes the DrumMix explained later and inserts pauses smw game genie it YAGNAY-plays briefly some of the end-game music and then stops-only works occaisonally OGGNAY, XGGNAY, UGGNAY, KGGNAY, EGGNAY-All of these are similar to NGGNAY, but each is different from the rest.
PPPPPP-Various tunes are switched around.
Also a graphics code.
YYYVYU-When you stomp an enemy, music goes through several variations.
KOTAGE-No sound at all.
PIPPPP-Plays invincibility music constantly.
PAPPPP-Loops normal music constantly.
POZPIS-When you interact with blocks, enemies, the music screws up.
AGGNAY, ZGGNAY-One instrument plays some wrong notes on a sine wave.
GGGNAY-Same as AGGNAY but with banjo sound.
POTPIE-Freezes with great grinding noise.
Also a graphics code.
APPPPP, PPPPPP, TPPPPP-Mixed-up music.
TGOOIG-Remixes on the fly.
YGOOIG, TAOOIG, TPOOIG, TZOOIG, TLOOIG, TYOOIG-These smw game genie do fantastic remixing which depends on what Mario does!
EPONLY-Fragmented music; some instruments off-time.
AEENLY, ZEANLY-Sound effect music freakout!
NVXNLY, SEXNLY, XXXNLY, Adds a short-decay instrument like a terrible synth banjo sound playing the melody.
OZXNAY, NZXNAY, EPXNAY, APXNAY-All these make the drums off-time in various ways.
PPPNLY-Music starts and stops frequently.
EPPNLY, APONAY, TVYNLY, EPONLY-All these make the melody off-time and the music starts and stops.
PPENLY, NZANLY, NZENLY-All these make the bass strange.
ZLLNLY, NZYNLY, NTXNLY, NYXNLY, NZNNLY, NZXNPY, NZXNZY-All these codes make really cool remixes of the music with extra drums.
ZOANLY, ZXENLY-The melody is turned off.
If the cartridge of just Mario is in, that ballad music will continue.
YLYNLY, GINNLY-Music skips frequently.
NSXNLY, NNXNLY, SUXNLY-Adds a pure, no decay sine wave like a synthesized clarinet playing the melody.
NUXNLY, NXXNLY, IOXNLY-Adds another melody sounding more like an oboe.
TZXNLY, NIXNLY, NGXNLY-Every instrument is odd or skipping.
NZXNUY, NZXNOY, NZXNSY-Makes one note more prominent.
EPONAY, EPONEY-Strange fragments of all songs and instruments.
NZONLY, NZPNLY-Strange transitions between sections of music.
PPONAY-Fragments of normal music.
AIPPAT, EIPPAT-Drums occasionally stop.
Also a new world code.
Also a new world code.
ATINAL-Music replaced by grinding noise.
AEINAL-Music and SFX freak out.
ASINAL-Wonderful musical freakouts triggered by jumping.
Deleter Codes eliminates certain game elements SEGAKE-no scenery XZZOEK-no enemies VULANE-world is invisible blue screen code IKTPOK-no outdoor enemies ZTSLEG-no items except coins TIKULT-fireballs disabled PIGNAX-Mario is invisible, enemies are gone NAGNAX-Mario is invisible, enemies are gone VENUSS-no items in bricks USSUSS-no mushrooms PZOPIG-Some background is gone.
SAGOZK-no background ATLOPT-No platforms.
YYOPAK-Only clouds in background.
PYSOOK-No background, blue sky.
KOTAGE-No sound at all.
Codes ALKELI-Score is strange.
IANOXG-timer is goofed-starts on MOO!
ATAPIX-continues automatically IGEAPO-game stuck in demo TIKPOG-more enemies EPZKIX-tons of turtles YYTOZA-Over 155 lives.
KILLLU-Jumping when big warps you to the next level.
Failed Codes These are codes I have seen on other lists, tested, and found not to work.
This may be due to differences among cartridges, or to the fact that I may have simply missed the effect.
If anyone can discover an actual effect, good for them.
NAPNAG-Description reads "Hit block for permanent 2020 graphics.
KIZVUY-Description reads "I'm walking.
EKOETI-Drums are screwed up nicely.
EKIEPS-Wonderful code which switches drum samples and sfx.
Just listen to the character select music!
Also a behavioral code.
KPIEPK-Music sustains longer between scenes.
Also a graphics code.
Also a behavioral code.
EKPEPS-Drums slow to off.
Also a graphics code.
Also a behavioral code.
Also a great behavioral code.
KATEPK-Like the clarinet code for Mario 1.
EPOEPI-Like the Mario 1 banjo code.
EPOPEI-Some instruments cannot keep up.
EIKPOZ-Freezes, but music continues with odd drum samples.
ELGOPE, EGGOPE, EAGOPE, AAGOPE, ZAGOPE, EIGOPE, EYGOPE, GGGOPE, TIGOPE, EAGOPE-All these codes screw up the beginning of the pregame music amazingly, but none of them last for more than 20 seconds.
They always make a perfect transition into boring normal level music.
I need codes which do this kind of thing without ever resuming normal music.
IANOXG-Certain parts are doubled and track oddly.
XZZOEK-Certain notes sustained longer.
ELKELG-Great noise when you die.
Also a behavioral code.
I need a code which, when you die, does not resume the level so this music can go on longer.
ELKELS-Title music is odd.
ALKELI-No bass, some parts are scrambled.
PLKELI-Bass is playing all the wrong notes.
EIKELI-No bass, parts screwed up.
Behavioral Codes KEZEKZ-When you pick up an item, you transport to the top of the screen.
SEZEPS-Same as KEZEKZ but you don't go as high.
PAZEAZ-When the pidgit lands, subcon shakes.
EOZEKI-Mario goes on a picking-up frenzy, falls through the ground and dies.
You can delay this if you land on an enemy, and you can make Mario go through strange graphic changes.
EKPETZ-Some enemies are gone.
EKIEPZ-Enemies appear from left.
Also a graphics code.
OPEOPE-Drill Mario spins and sometimes goes through ground.
KPIEPO-Mario can control enemies with B.
Also an SFX code.
Also a graphics code.
EPIEPO-Like KPIEPO except it also affects SFX differently.
Also a graphics code.
Also an SFX code.
KPIEPK-Mario's control is incredibly strange!
Enemies fall into the ground.
Also a music code.
Also a graphics code.
EKAEPS-Hearts appear every time you kill an enemy or throw something.
Also a music code.
EPKEPK-Mario's control is very strange.
Also a music code.
Also a graphics code.
PKKEKK-Mario can control pidgits and make them jump with A, even while they are in the air already!
Mario himself, however, cannot jump.
KAKEPK-All the characters now flail their legs like Luigi when they jump!
KAAEPK-Characters shake and can't stand still.
They can jump the entire height of the screen.
Also a great music code.
KASEPK-Mario's control is odd.
Also a graphics code.
KPZTSZ-Mario falls through things.
XEEEEE-Unlimited vegetables, coins, etc.
EPAPPI-Enemies don't stick to their routes, they fall off ledges.
EPOPAI-Enemies spontaneously disappear, Mario appears at top of screen.
EPEOPI-Enemies fall through ground.
EELPOT-Enemies walk through things.
One time I threw a POW block and the music did an OOOVYU freakout, the sky turned green, and the game froze!
Experiment with this one.
UEAPOT-Another unpredictable code like LEAPOT.
TEAPET-Enemies and vegetables float at the top of the screen.
Also a music code.
USSUSS-Mario does not interact with enemies.
EEEULT-When you kill certain enemies, they fly straight up.
TELPOT-Ghost-like enemies walk through objects.
POPAET-When throwing things to the left they travel further.
YPYPYP-POW blocks change into other objects.
APAPAP-You can put things in midair and stand on them.
TEAPOP-Enemies fall from screen on sight.
YXSETUAO+NSVAPUEO-Mario is very fast.
YZEEGKAO+NIEEYKEV-Luigi is very fast.
YXNAIUAO+NSNEAUEV-Toad is very fast.
YZXALKAO+NIXATKEY-Princess is very fast.
GOEANKAO+NSEEKKA Specific Graphics Codes AAZENZ-A cool-looking freeze.
PAZEOZ-When Mario gets hurt, he stays looking "negative.
EKKELV-The scene frequently shifts in a confusing manner.
Also a SFX code.
EOSESI-The scene occaisonally shifts.
EIKESO-Everything is a nice red-and-white.
EKIEPZ-Odd background in pre-game.
Also a behavioral code.
Also an SFX code.
Also a graphics code.
EPIEPO-Just like KPIEPO except affects SFX differently.
Also a graphics code.
Also an SFX code.
PPIEPO-Adds stripes to level.
Also an SFX code.
Also an SFX code.
Also a level altering code.
Also an SFX code.
TPIEPO-Adds stripes, other effects just like XPIEPO.
Also a music code.
Also a behavioral code.
EPKEPK-Enemies are negative images.
Also a music code.
Also a behavioral code.
KASEPK-Adds stripes of color in pregame.
Also a behavioral code.
KATEPK-Mario is a shadow.
Also a music code.
KIZEKE-Adds stripes of color.
ISOOPE-Very minor graphical substitution.
ELVISS-Odd character select screen.
EPOAAE-Slot machine graphics in pregame, enemies and powerups blink rapidly and move in slow motion.
GEAEAE-Screen scrolls, but Mario does not go with it.
LYLOPE-Substitutes other sprites for doors.
ELKELA-Slot graphics in pregame, graphics odd.
TSOOPE-Great-looking freeze when you pull a vegetable.
ELSELI-Scrambles graphics behind you.
POZEXL-Rippling water sprite substituted for upper-left corner of green platforms.
OKPETZ-Logs in first level are gone.
EPAEPA-In beginning of level 1, strange effects include warped graphics and Read more balancing an enemy on his head!
EPTEPT-Graphics are scrambled and change.
Level Altering Codes Alter level structure, not sprites themselves.
KAZETZ-Holes in the ground.
There are 5 enemies where there should be only one.
KPZETZ-Pits in the ground.
KZZETZ-The level is rearranged.
KXZETZ-The enemies are different.
KLZETZ-The level is rearranged.
KUZETZ-The enemies are different.
KGZETZ-The level is rearranged.
KEZETZ-same KTZETZ-same KNZETZ-The level is nicely different.
XPIEPO-Eternal plunge with enemies.
Use invincibility or you will soon die.
Also an SFX code.
Also a graphics code.
Graphics Scramblers Similar to the OSTENA family in Mario 1, these codes switch certain sprites with other sprites.
EEEEEE-does not affect pregame, but is wonderful in game!
KKZOPZ-When Mario is not scrolling vertically, graphics look like the Mario 1 2020 graphics codes!
SFX Codes EKKELV-The sound effects for jumping and climbing change.
Also a graphics code.
KPIEPO-Changes effect for character selection.
Also a graphics code.
Also a behavioral code.
EPIEPO-Just like KPIEPO but the sound effect for throwing keeps changing.
Also a behavioral code.
Also a graphics code.
PPIEPO-Changes character select effect.
Also a graphics code.
OPIEPO-Changes character select effect.
Also a graphics code.
XPIEPO-Changes character select effect.
Also a graphics code.
Also a level altering code.
IKAAAE, PKAAAE-Constant effect is going all the time.
EEAAAE-Mario does not make that falling noise at the beginning of the pregame.
IGEAPO-Sound effects for shrinking are odd.
Failed Codes UAZEAZ-This code worked one time, and it was the coolest thing.
Mario was jumping around in slow motion inside what looked like a warped fantasy slot machine not the one in the sub-game.
IIIOPE-SFX code which does nothing I can find.
Super Mario Brothers 3 Behavioral Codes UUKXGLIE-Always small Mario, invincible, can jump on any enemy.
VXKXGLIE, KXKXGLIE-Invincible, but may not be able to go in pipes.
PGTIPS-Pass through most enemies KOSUZI-This code allows you to pull blocks out of the scenery and creates holes that you can fall down if you are not careful.
Only allows you to pull blocks out at certain points in space.
AOSUZI-A much better version of KOSUZI.
Mario can shoot out a block at any time, and can remove scenery, blocks, pipes, or any other game element.
A great weapon and tool for carving passages.
AESUZI-Mario can pull blocks out erraticaly, and a menu blocks the screen when he jumps.
The hammer brother on the map is in an odd location.
There is no hammer brother on the map, the music is odd for a split-second, and those colored blocks in the background i.
This code freezes after a little while and leaves the music running.
AOYUZI-Hammer brother on map takes a nap.
VVLLLI-Mario bounces when he walks.
EAOXUN-Enemies commit suicide upon seeing Mario.
KKLLLL-Your score shoots up as your time shoots down to 0.
APZLYG-You seem to be walking on the scenery for a completely different level.
APOUZI-Enemies, Mario go through walls.
TLLLEE-On map, Mario's "ring of stars" expands until it disappears.
TLLLLY-There is no sound effect when Mario hits a block.
In addition, every time he hits a black there is a small flash.
POPUPO-Music box is always active.
TELLEY-Mario is forced to run full speed to the right against his will.
Try getting far in the game with this code!
POIISG-Blocks move up a notch when you hit them.
KOZZYV-Plants don't fire as much.
IOZZVV-Freezes the Para Goomba.
OEPZXZ-When Mario kills an enemy or gets a coin, he also gets a 1up.
OOKXGLIA-Start and continue as a Raccoon.
OOKXGLIE-Start and continue as a Frog.
SEUXKGAA-Press B and DOWN for a door.
XEKXGIJE-Start and continue as a Tanooki.
YLLLLI-Walk through walls, objects.
Para Koopa wings fly separately from bodies.
SSASSA-Cannot be touched by enemies or powerups.
TTTXUN-Mario the human top.
POEISO-Enemy position different than it appears.
ATIXXL-Mario has trouble running.
ATVXXL-Mario has different trouble running.
Also a specific graphics code.
AOZXEL-Hard to maneuver Mario, freezes when you kill an enemy or hit a block, Mario cannot run, only can move forward by jumping.
Also a graphics code and a music code.
EPTXXL-When Mario holds B and runs to the right, he will not go faster, but instead, slow down, stop, and reverse direction, increasing to maximum speed.
EPYXXL-Like EPTXXL except Mario does not reverse direction.
TZLXZS-When Mario hits a block, a green block appears 2 notches down and the original becomes invisible.
This also changes the sound effect for flapping your tail.
TYLXZS-Same as TZLXZS, but a different sound effect is substituted.
TELXZS-Mushrooms do not emerge from blocks, but instead fall from heaven.
APOXXL-Stomp an enemy while running and get a boost.
Also a graphics code.
Also a graphics code.
Also a graphics code.
Also a graphics code.
UNYXXL-No friction when walking right.
Also a graphics code.
SNYXXL-Walk slowly to the right.
Also a graphics code.
EXYXXL-Walk slowly to the right.
Also a graphics code.
PXNXXL-Walk slowly to the left.
Also a graphics code.
XXYXUU-Mario's motion is very jerky.
Also a graphics code.
XXLXUU-Mario slides when he moves.
Also a graphics code.
Also a music code.
ESSXUU-Mario's motion very jerky.
Also a graphics code.
Also a music code.
ZZZXUU-Mario has difficulty jumping.
Also a graphics code.
Also a graphics code.
Also a music code.
All are also graphics codes.
ZTZZYS-Once p-meter starts flashing, it never stops.
PAXZOP-Odd behavior, repelled by koopas?
POXZOO-Swim without water, but gravitational pull is very strong.
Very difficult to do, use NES max or any turbo controller.
Also a graphics code.
POXZOU-When you try to brake, you accelerate.
PVPUPO-Coins rain from sky.
PNPUPO-Game is slow motion, no back-scroll, hammer brother is asleep.
SVTZTS-When you hit a block, it appears green one block unit up.
POXXTZ-Mario shoots fire all the time!
Level 1-1 looks enemy-free, but if you keep heading to the right, you will be invisibly barred.
Then the game behaves as if you are at the last level クリスマス楽しいカード無料 with Bowzer The ground shakes and Bowzer lands.
He is invisible and is instantly destroyed.
The door appears to the holding chamber and the normal game ending resumes!
Score is 0 the entire time.
PSZUPO-No enemies except one buzzy beetle which falls from the sky.
KKLZZO-Cannot interact with enemies, powerups.
Also a graphics code.
KKTZZI, KKTZZS-Hitting a question block springs you up into the air.
KKEZZE-Shells behave very oddly.
Donut blocks appear underfoot.
Also a graphics code.
Also a music code.
PPZZZE-Mario can jump through coin blocks.
Also a music code.
Also a music code.
Also a music code.
AKEZZE, NKEZZE-Shells behave oddly.
Also a graphics code.
Also a music code.
Also a graphics code.
Also a music code.
Also a music code.
Also a graphics code.
Also a music code.
Also a music code.
Also a music code.
Also a music code.
Also a music code.
Also a music code.
Also a graphics code.
Also a music code.
Also a graphics code.
Also a music code.
Also a graphics code.
Also a graphics code.
PYPUNO-Enemies appear in odd places.
Also a graphics code.
Also an SFX code.
PYPUPS-Enemies fall from sky.
Also a graphics code.
PYPUPT-Hammer brother is sleeping.
Also a music code.
PYPUPN-Strange things that you can kick around come out of blocks!
SYVUPO-Screen does not scroll.
Also a graphics code.
PYPXUN-Enemies drop dead on sight.
TELLLI-Mario cannot jump, just slide across screen.
TPLLLI-Mario can squeeze through walls, blocks.
PTLLLI-Mario can squeeze through things slowly.
VELLLI-Mario is constantly high-jumping!
Mario gets 1ups when he kills.
VXLLLI-Mario is constantly jumping slightly less high, 1ups.
APLLLI-Placement of invisible smw game genie, platforms after getting powered up.
VULLLI-Mario bounces very low, 1ups.
EELLLI-Very high bounce, 1ups.
EOLLLI-Slightly lower bounce, 1ups.
EXLLLI-Slightly lower bounce, 1ups.
AELLYT-Can't interact with blocks.
ZELUYT-All blocks contain stars.
AELUYT-Blocks turn into note blocks with mushrooms, flowers in them.
PELUYT-Same, but tails instead of flowers.
GELUYT-Wood blocks with powerups.
KELUYT-Bosses come out of blocks and die.
You can finish the world in any level!
IELUYT-Wood blocks with powerups.
TELUYT-Wood bricks with stars.
YVUUYT, YNLUYT-Blocks turn into black chomping plants with powerups.
TVUUYT-Hit a coin and ghost images appear, powerups become 1ups.
AEUUYT, AELUYT-Note blocks with powerups.
AOUUYT-Coins are powerups, powerups break.
AKUUYT-Note blocks sink and move around.
EOUUYT-Note blocks move differently.
PEUUYT-Note blocks with powerups.
PUUUYT-Note blocks, bosses are in blocks and go flying!
ZEUUYT-Note blocks with stars.
ZUUUYT-Note blocks, 1ups, bosses.
LEUUYT-Wood blocks with powerups.
PUUUAT-Note blocks with click here, bosses.
PUUUYV-Note blocks with powerups.
ASTUYT-Blank screen, wood blocks appear everywhere.
ESTUYT-Blank screen, less wood blocks appear.
VSTUYT-Note blocks appear near question blocks.
GSTUYT, PSTUYT-Note blocks appear.
OSTUYT-Different note blocks appear.
LSTUYT-Screen does not scroll, powerups.
スロットフルーツカクテル moves on map in slow motion.
ASNUYT-Cannot interact with blocks.
PGAOKA-Run around under level.
PGZOKO, PGXOKO-No piranha plant.
PAZSNO-Mario does not interact with enemies.
TVUXNUEE-Mario runs extremely fast.
EANZKLLA-Hold B to slide or bounce.
TEUZELSZ-Mario stops instantly after letting go of running.
KANZKLLA-Power slides hold B.
ZVUXNUEE-Tap B for turbo.
KEUZELSZ-No deceleration after running.
IIIIII-Enemies are displaced one unit upwards and occasionally teleport.
ZTZZYS-P-meter never stops after it starts, and blocks disappear when struck.
SXTZPO-Mario can ice skate when he has the tail.
ALLSTA-Note blocks in background with mushrooms, flowers in them.
PLLSTA-Note blocks in the background with stars in them.
Someone should do all of the permutations and describe each code which results.
AVXLUL-Sticks a note block in level 1-1.
EVXLUL-Sticks a pipe segment in level 1-1.
PVXLUL-Sticks 2 note blocks in level 1-1.
ZVXLUL-Sticks 3 note blocks in level 1-1.
LVXLUL-Sticks 4 note blocks in level 1-1.
GVXLUL-Sticks 5 note blocks in level 1-1.
IVXLUL-Sticks 6 note blocks in level the 本物のお金を獲得するためにスピン information />TVXLUL-Sticks 7 note check this out in level 1-1.
YVXLUL-Sticks 8 note blocks in level 1-1.
OVXLUL-Sticks a bigger pipe segment in level 1-1.
XVXLUL-Sticks a pipe in level 1-1.
UVXLUL-Sticks a bigger pipe in level 1-1.
KVXLUL-Sticks a bigger pipe in level 1-1.
SVXLUL-Sticks a bigger pipe in level 1-1.
VVXLUL-Sticks a bigger pipe in level 1-1.
NVXLUL-Sticks a bigger pipe in level 1-1.
ISOIKE-Can't interact with enemies, powerups.
AASAAS-Mario is trapped on map and can only battle.
LLLUUU-Piranha check this out fireballs come from different locations.
KSSXUU-Mario has trouble moving backwards.
AOLXXU-Mario accelerates quickly, and points look different.
Powerups also behave oddly.
EOEISA-Mario falls through the ground in places.
AOZULT-Mario forced to play ice level forever.
AOSUZT-Mario cannot hit blocks from below, and bosses pop out of question blocks.
KKKKKK-Turtle shells don't break blocks.
IANXOU-B button slows Mario down.
OPEKGG-Tornado takes Mario away.
YYXPLOVS-Mario only has one life but appears to have 99.
PGTIPO-Shells "tunnel" through blocks.
Graphics codes OPOXUN-Enemies "drip" points, background splits into moving parts.
AOPUZI-Map is just a bunch of nice-looking static.
PINAOO-Freeze with wacky static.
XZZOEK-Alters the background scenery significantly.
IANOXG-Makes green stripes and spots appear everywhere.
TANOXL-A very odd, confusing graphics scrambler.
AASUZI-Makes an odd-looking map, and whenever Mario jumps, a menu blocks the screen temporarily.
AOTUZI-Hammer brother on map looks scrambled.
This freezes in the levels.
AOSZZI-Hit a coin block and go flying.
You will come down at the end of the level.
VVLLLE-Enemies have a nervous tic.
ETOXUN-The apparent position of enemies is different from the actual position.
POSOXG-Adds spots of odd color to bkgrnd and game elements.
EPOXPN-Piranha plants look odd.
GPOXUN-Screen flickers VVALLL-Wintertime color scheme on map and levels.
VVLLLT-Upon entrance into a level, the screen flashes, a weird noise sounds, and Lemmy Koopa materializes in Mario's position, causing him to die and the game to freeze.
VPSUZI-A very strange version of KPSUZI.
APPUZI-Enemies fall from sky.
VVLLZL-Fantastic code which depicts one of Bowzer's most disturbing experiments-strange half-Koopa half-Goomba mutants!
VVLLXL-Scenery is very slightly different.
VVLLUL-Scenery is very slightly different from above code.
YVONNE-Map freezes and looks quite bizarre.
POPXPO-A fantastic code which causes enemies and items to leave trails when they move.
VOPXPO-Same as POPXPO, but Mario is also hovering.
AOPXPO-Leaves trails, but enemies flash graphical changes.
ZZLLUN-The screen will not scroll in the level.
ALKELI-A scrambled map, the only available move being a battle.
OOOOKK-Large patches of different color over scenery, game elements.
EEEOKK-Scrambled map, when you enter a level it is automatically beaten.
When you enter the castle there is a graphic display and the game freezes.
AKAKAK-Scrambles the map and freezes.
source do not interact with Koopas and Goombas, and they are mutated wildly.
The Goombas have wings but do not fly.
Buzzy beetles also have wings.
On occaison, there are strange rains and hammers or odd projectiles will come flapping towards you.
The flashing circle things name?
IANOXG-Vertical stripes of color in levels.
YAZPNO-The level is gone, just a sky-blue void into which all sentient beings fall.
VALLEY-Somewhat difficult to describe.
POZZVV-Para Goombas appear upside-down.
KISSYS-All enemies appear at left side of screen.
PZVUXV-Freezes, displays Mario with a glowing halo, a toad gesticulating wildly, and a green king-dog scratching himself.
NIXOOK-Cool-looking frozen title screen.
AKIXXL-When you change from the map to level, the palette changes rapidly but returns to normal once you enter the level.
AOZXVL-Colors of Mario and world cycle.
Also a behavioral code.
Also a behavioral code.
AZZXVL-When Mario jumps, a menu blocks the screen.
TYXXZS, TYZXZS-Mario's clothes are all black.
In addition, the sound of Mario flapping his tail changes.
KKKOKK-Mario appears on the map in a very odd way.
NNNOKK-Ice world with graphic alterations.
APOXXL-Different odd title screen.
EPOXVS-Map flashes when Mario enters a level.
Freezes with infinite music.
TYLPZS-Mario cannot reach 1-1.
Mario enters a battle with the hammer brother and falls through the ground.
After he dies, the hammer brother starts moving and never stops.
ANYXXL, EEYXXL, NNYXXL, VNYXXL, ONYXXL, XNYXXL, SNYXXL, EXYXXL-these all alter the color palette and also are behavioral codes.
UUUXUU-Play in a black void.
Mario is also paralyzed.
XXLXUU-Palette is pity, ラッキーラリーのロブスターマニアゲーム theme, leaves fall straight down.
Also a behavioral code.
apologise, カフェテリアカジノサンマルタンデール did a music code.
ESSXUU-Palette subtly different on map no blue.
Also a behavioral code.
Also a music code.
EEEXUU-When you get points, the first 2 digits of the point score get stuck at the top of the screen.
OOOXUU-Aforementioned "menu" when you jump, graphics jump around in a confusing way.
Also a behavioral code.
Also a behavioral code.
Also a music code.
OZXXUU-Points appear on ground.
AOLXUU-Palette shifts when you enter scene.
Also a behavioral code.
OSLXUU, ESLXUU, OELXUU, OOLXUU, OXLXUU, OKLXUU, OVLXUU, ONLXUU-All of these change the palette of the map and the levels.
All of these are also behavioral codes.
XSLXUU-Map palette is changed, level is a black void.
KSLXUU-Map palette is changed, level is a black void.
GSLXUU-Map and level are a faint blue color.
Also a behavioral code.
ZTZOYS-Same mysterious ice smw game genie as PIPOIS, but you are pulled across it to the right.
When you die, the hammer brother moves indefinitely.
ZTZOAS-Same ice world, but Mario is free to move at will.
LOXZOP-Odd curtain at the beginning.
When little Mario jumps, he still appears to be running.
When you get a mushroom, the palette changes slightly.
Becomes a graphics scrambler if you get a tail.
UOXZOP-Odd animation for jumping, some scrambling.
GOXZOP-Odd animation for jumping.
KOXZOP-When you jump, you apear to be Frog Mario.
TOXZOP-When you jump, you look strange.
YOXZOP-Odd animation for jumping and curtain.
POXEOP-Odd beginning to 1-1.
Also a behavioral code.
When you enter a level or the map, screen dims until only Mario can be seen.
Scenery, enemies are still there, however.
POXZOY-No walking, jumping animation!
Freezes when you get a mushroom.
OOXZOO-No title screen, goes right to map.
POXPOZ, POXPOX-Beginning of 1-1 scrambled.
ESSZUU-Black on map is orange.
AIIZXY-Mario is a red frog.
POXZOP-Odd curtain, no jump animation.
ZAPUPO-Enter level one and fall on a warped version of the map screen!
PLPUPO-Levels are switched around.
Level 1 is a warped Toad house.
Looks like it will freeze, but it doesn't.
Second level is dungeon, 3rd is spade, dungeon is hammer brother without hammer brother.
Level 1 is some strange dungeon with music from the level 7 map!
The fortress is a stable warped map which will not freeze.
Combine this with the music code OOOVYU, go in the door, and prepare for a wonderful piece of music!
PYAUPO-Raccoon Mario looks odd.
KZTXVA, KZTXVE-Title screen looks fantastic!
KZTXVA, KZTXVE-Title looks fantastic!
VXYZZZ-Frozen game, just strobing curtain.
AXYZZZ-Map is greyscale, level is greyscale, and everything but enemies is invisible, except when Mario is jumping.
PSZZZO-Piranha plants look odd.
POZZZO-Piranha plants look odd.
UVPUPO-Like trailing code, but leaves different trails.
PZZIPO-Scenery blocks are altered.
STZIPO-Scenery blocks are incomplete.
EZZIPO-Scenery blocks are different.
ZZZIPO-Scenery blocks are different.
ZZZSPO-Scenery blocks are different.
Also an SFX code.
KKEZZE-When Mario shrinks, he appears as though he is under strobe lighting.
Enemies look odd, some trailing.
KKLZZO-Enemies are imprints on the screen.
Also a behavioral code.
Sky is grey, except for colorful "lightning" when you get a powerup or stomp an enemy.
Free-standing coins are blocks and vice versa.
Hammer brother is in a different spot on the map.
KKTZAO-Mario does not turn around when he walks backwards.
Mario dies in slow motion.
Also a music code.
KKTZPO-Mario does not turn around when he walks backwards.
Raccoon Mario has especially odd animation.
Question blocks are not animated.
Also a music code.
KKTZLO-No backward animation, mushrooms are disfigured.
KKTZYO-Coins are blocks and vice versa, no question block animation.
KKTZPA-Certain colors cycle constantly.
Getting a 1up restores a degree of normalcy.
Also a music code.
KKTZPE-Like KKTZPA but different colors cycle.
Also a music code.
KKEZZE-When you reach the end of the level, the graphics scramble wildly.
Also a music code.
Also a behavioral code.
GSZUPE-No jumping animation for big Mario!
VKEZZE, NKEZZE-Graphics freak out occasionally.
Also a behavioral code.
Also a music code.
YKEZZE-Menu bar pops up occaisonally.
Also a behavioral code.
Also a music smw game genie />OEEZZE-End of level is scrambled.
Also a music code.
Also a behavioral code.
Also a music code.
Also a behavioral code.
Also a music code.
ESEZOE, ESEZUE, ESEZKE, ESEZSE, ESEZVE, ESEZNE-All of these create different warped title screens.
Also a behavioral code.
PYKUPO-Palette changes when you bring up your item menu.
PYIUPO-Jerky scroll, scrambled graphics.
Also a behavioral code.
PYTUPO-Like PYIUPO but not as intense.
Also a behavioral code.
PYPUVO-Odd stars on map.
Also an SFX code.
Also a behavioral code.
Also a behavioral code.
EELALI-Map composed of "M"s.
PEUXKGAA-Mario starts out big.
XEUXKGAA-Mario starts out odd.
KEUXKGAA-Mario is a red frog.
VEUXKGAA-Mario is a red Hammer Brother.
ISUXKGAA-Mario odd, freezes in level.
EELZYT-Piranha plant is just a head!
PUUULT-Automatically go into weird ice level.
PUUUYZ, PUUUYX, PUUUYG-All warped graphics.
This is one of the only codes I have found which changes the actual structure and layout of levels most only change appearance.
I this web page more codes like this!
Also a music code.
SXGZPO-There is a small blue square スロットオアシスは楽しいゲームをプレイ blocks containing P-switches.
IKIIII-Shells look odd when in motion.
XZOPEA-Screen will not scroll.
XXOXUU-Graphics scramble when game events happen.
KSLLLL-Enemies appear and disappear.
IOSUZI-Hammer brothers behave oddly on map.
GOZXXL-Odd colors in map, level.
Mario cannot move in level.
APPSTA-Map graphics are weird.
KSIIII-Enemies do not "squish" when you jump on them.
Mario immediately exits and appears on the map spinning.
EOPUPO-Level scrambles on the fly and Mario cannot score points.
AOSZXI-Great transition between map and level.
IPPOKK-Map graphics scrambled, forced to enter scrambled battle mode.
XYLOPN-Parts of level graphics scrambled.
Also an SFX code.
UKKXGLIE-Mario is a swimming mass.
NNNLPA-You cannot see which world you are in.
Also an SFX code.
PGTIPX-Bushes in sky and scrambled clouds.
Graphics Scramblers The set of these codes is a subset of the set of Graphics Codes which basically do the same things as each other.
They replace certain sprites with others.
For example, the left corner of a piranha plant pipe may be replaced with a section of undulating waves.
As a result, descriptions are hard to make for each one.
I have asterisked or otherwise indicated my favorites, but try them all out and give them your own descriptions.
GAEOXG-A wacky remarkable, カジノリアルマネーゲーム be scrambler.
Mario also are プレイステーションストアからダウンロードしたゲームの場所 good to be underground.
SGAOOK PGPOSK OAKOSK-Removes stripes of graphics.
SPPPNK SIPPNG VVVOKK-colored patches on scenery.
AAAOKK-Great, similar to the OSTENA family for Mario 1.
PKZZZO KSZPKK-Stripes and patches of color.
PIGPEG-Replaces most of the background with bars of color.
The OKK family of graphics scramblers is analogous to the OSTENA family in Mario 1.
The following are all the codes I have tested, and a formula for generating similar scrambler codes follows the list of codes.
KGAOKK XGAOKK LGAOKK UGAOKK GGAOKK IGAOKK SGAOKK VGAOKK YGAOKK NGAOKK PAAOKK AAAOKK APAOKK AZAOKK ALAOKK AIAOKK ATAOKK AYAOKK EAAOKK EPAOKK EZAOKK ELAOKK EIAOKK ETAOKK EYAOKK PAAOKK PPAOKK PZAOKK PIAOKK PTAOKK OAAOKK OPAOKK OIAOKK ZAAOKK ZPAOKK ZZAOKK ZLAOKK ZIAOKK ZYAOKK XAAOKK XPAOKK Formula for generating similar graphics scramblers: 1st letter can be any letter 2nd letter can be A, P, Z, L, G, I, T, or Y 3rd letter should be A 4rth letter should be O 5th letter should be K 6th letter should be K or G Music Codes Even if you are not interested, try these out anyway.
These are the codes I spent the most time and energy compiling, and I love them like children : Anyway, give them a try.
EPZXVL-This code will freeze the game and leave the music playing.
Great for listening to codes below work without the hindrance of a time limit.
ALSUZI-Another eternal music code.
TVLLLL-Another eternal music code.
PUUUOT-Another eternal music code.
OOOVYU-This is the archetypal music code for Mario 3.
The first level read more is nothing special, but 2 on is simply incredible!
It is almost the same every time you run the code.
I have never heard a NES utter these kinds of sounds before.
OOOVYN-Map music sounds like melody has a hard time keeping up with drums, level music effects are same as EEEVYN.
OOOVYI-Melody of map music sustained longer, sounds like a pure sine wave, and melody of level sustained as well.
KKKVYU-The music is normal except for the bass part, which is very odd.
EKKVYU-Similar to KKKVYU, with small differences.
PEKVYU-Also similar to KKKVYU.
TTTVYU-On the map screen, a music "sampler" will play which goes through first small cuts time up, hurry, finish level music and then goes once through each map's music.
Next is the finishing game music.
Music box music follows, with strange noises accompanying it, and it eventually degenerates into wonderful strange noises.
EEEVYU-A sampler within a level, running through all normal level music, and going into a beautiful fast noisy rave-up!
EEEVYN-Map music is just bass and ブラックベリーでゲームをする, certain notes in level are sustained longer.
EEEVLU-Like EEEVYU but starts with swimming music.
AALVYU-Slows down all map and level music except for certain levels, like 1-1 and 1-5, which sound fantastic.
Let me know if you find other great-sounding levels.
AALVYN-Affects map and levels, makes drum samples trigger so fast they become strange grinding and humming noises.
ANLVYU-Freezes upon entering a level, but makes odd crashing noise over and over again.
Sounds like you are being chased by the mechanical Hitler in Wolfenstein 3d.
YYYVYU-Music periodically stops, then starts again.
NNNVYU-Freezes the game and makes a wonderful grinding noise.
NNNVYS-The harmony part on the map screen is sustained.
Freezes when you try to enter a level.
XUNXUN-Affects drum part on map music.
This also makes your timer just the ones digit, occaisonally with arcane symbols replacing the other digits.
Level music is normal.
YUYXUN-Affects map music slightly, and adds another level 2 to map.
YXYXUN-Like YXYXUN with different sound inserted.
YEYXUN-Like YXYXYN with different sound.
VYYXUN-One part of map music gets out of time with rest.
OYLXUN-One part of map melody slows down.
In addition, game freezes seconds after entering a level, making it another ideal "infinite music code".
EPOXUN-After passing first pipe in 1-1, game freezes but occaisonal drum sample is triggered.
After an indefinite time interval, only the drum part resumes at full speed, but with strange touches you will NOT hear in the game normally.
YYLXUN-First level map music is FANTASTIC!
YYYXUN-Different first level map music.
OPOXUN-The aforementioned graphic code also affects the music.
When you trigger a sound effect like getting a mushroom or being shrunk, the game appears to freeze.
Wait, however, and you will see that the effect is slowed down greatly, with pleasing audio results.
AOLUZI-Makes music "skip" occaisonally.
AESUZI-Adds tom sample to melody, also interferes with graphics.
VVLLLL-Makes wonderful noise for about one second, then freezes : I need a code which click here do this without stopping the music!
VVLLLI-Level melody off-time, Mario bounces when he walks.
KVLLLL-Freezes game and makes different noises.
EEOXUN, EOOXUN, EXOXUN-These freeze like EPOXUN, but resume the drum track instantly.
AOLUZI-The music is altered and skips.
NAXULT-There are lags between different sections of the music, and it read more changes slightly.
AOZXEL-Occaisonally when this freezes, the drums will resume as in EEOXUN.
OXTVYZ-A wonderful code which switches some of the drum samples around.
OXTVYT, OXTVYV-Either of these codes make some wonderfully dissonant map music.
OXTVYI, OXTVYS-Either of these codes take the harmony, bass, and half the melody out of the map and level music.
OXTVIT, OXTVIV-Either of these codes change the sample for the hihat.
OXTVYP-Makes incredible map music, and adds extra hihat to the levels.
OXTVGT-Changes the drum samples on the map and in the levels.
OXTVYN-A nice-sounding and cool-looking freeze.
OXTVPZ-Different fantastic dissonant map music.
OXTVGZ-Changes the samples of some of the drums.
OXTVGN-Changes the music of the entire game so that only one note is played in rhythm over and over.
Really fun at first, but you can only take so much.
Map music level 1 is fantastic.
Extra hi-hat, beeping, notes added.
Level ドラゴンゲームをオンラインでプレイ similarly affected.
Sometimes there are no drums in the level music at all.
OXTVZT-Like OXTVPT, but no extra notes are added.
OXTVYT-Like OXTVPT, but no extra hi-hat is added.
OXYVPT-In the map and level there is no hi-hat.
OXAVPT or OXEVPT-In the map and levels the bass is playing very oddly.
OXPVPT-On the map and in the levels the bass is almost not present.
OXLVPT-No bass in map, levels.
OXKVPT or OXGVPT-On the map, there is no hi-hat, and an extra snare of some kind is being played out of rhythm.
In the levels, there is a crash on every beat being played with some weird samples.
XLYXUN-Certain parts in map music malfunction.
XXYXUN-Hihat in level music goes crazy!
XXXXUU-Yet another infinite music code.
ESSVYN-Fantastic dissonant funky map music!
One of learn more here best codes.
EASVYN-Only bass and drums on map, sustains certain parts longer in level.
EEEVYN-Same as EASVYN, but different things are sustained.
ESZVYN-The sound effect of Mario jumping is different.
On the map, an all-drum all-star rave-up with sparse bass playing octaves, but freezes in the level.
Sounds random in some sections, but it is the same each time.
Sounds really cool underground as in 1-5.
ESSVTN-Similar to ESSVYN, but slightly different.
Listen to the beginning of level 1 map music!
ESAVAN-Doubles certain instruments, adds sustain, makes music in map "fuller.
ESPVAN or ESOVAN-Minor changes in the map-sustains the last note of each phrase.
Also does the same in levels.
ESTVAN or ESVVAN-Kind of like a combination between ESSVYN and ESSVLN which does not freeze when go here enter a level, but works its magic there as well!
EAAVAN-Snare and other non-hi-hat samples are off.
VTPVAN-Affects both map and level music.
Takes out some drums, adds more kick, and adds weird static to the music.
TTTVAN-Small alterations to map music, but level music is fantastic, similar to ESAVAN with major differences.
YYYVAN-Like ESAVAN but with an even fuller sound.
NUYVAN-The hi-hat stops playing on the map.
XXLXUU-Music odd when you die.
Also a graphics code.
Also a behavioral code.
ESSXUU-Music odd when you die.
Also a graphics code.
Also a behavioral code.
SSSXUU-Music odd when you die.
Also a more info code. smw game genie smw game genie smw game genie smw game genie smw game genie smw game genie

8 SECRET HIDDEN LEVELS In Super Mario World (Cheat Code Access)

Installing SMW Jailbreak w/Game Genie - YouTube Smw game genie

Super Mario World (SNES) - Game Genie Codes | Ethereal Games Smw game genie

Super Mario World was released as part of Nintendo's "Player's Choice" series. This is the most common boxed copy of the game for the SNES, with the box for the original game being fairly rare due to it being a pack-in. Super Mario World saw a port to the Game Boy Advance as "Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2".
Game Genie Guy! by Kyle This is a small Windows utility for applying Game Genie codes to roms. This saves you the trouble of having to enter them each time the game is played.
Super Mario World is the first Mario game on the Super NES, rushed and hacked together in time for release.. Despite that, it's considered a high point of the franchise, partly due to the ridiculous amount of non-linearity and secrets within the levels.


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